Image of A-frame Modification Heerema’s Thialf

A-frame Modification Heerema’s Thialf

Modify frames to access Baltic Sea

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World's second-largest crane vessel Thialf is moored in Rotterdam, undergoing an A-frame modification. Vuyk provided support for Heerema’s project.

Heerema will be installing wind turbines in the Baltic Sea in 2022. This project will be executed by their ship Thialf. Sounds straightforward, except that on the shipping route between Rotterdam and the project site, the ‘Storebaelt Bridge’ need to be passed. The bridge has a clearance of 65 meters, while from Thialf's floaters to the top of the vessel's A-frames is a huge over 100 meters. This drove the decision to modify Thialf's A-frames to access the Baltic Sea. Using this system, the cranes can be lowered and fold the A-frames to create a sufficient air gap when combined. 

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam
Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam BV has provided support for Heerema’s major project. Our department Equipment Design & Upgrades spans multiple markets and types of operations. We design dedicated tailor-made equipment and upgrades to facilitate complex operations. Can we solve your maritime challenge? Contact us at

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