Allseas Pioneering SpiritDecomissioning vessel

Image of Allseas Pioneering Spirit

World's largest offshore construction vessel

Allseas Pioneering SpiritDecomissioning vessel

World's largest offshore construction vessel

Pioneering Spirit, the world's largest offshore construction vessel. In 2005 Vuyk was contracted by Allseas to perform the structural design of the decommissioning vessel Pioneering Spirit. 

In the period between 2005 and 2016, Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam determined the full scantlings for the hull and deckhouses and performs mechanical engineering work for the stinger transition frame, hull connection beam and grillage design for the jacket lifting sysem. 


Launched in
143.00 m
124.00 m

As (class) rules and regulations were not compatible for the size of this vessel, the main challenge in this exciting project was developing a structural design method that was suitable for this specific ship.
Due to lack of rules, together with Allseas, we had to define the waves to be used for the design, since the rules were not sufficient. This has proven and further strengthened Vuyk’s expertise in global and detailed calculation methods for wave loads (3D diffraction AQWA), bending fatigue, typical problems with thick plates, high strength materials, and design of structural details to solve problems in highly loaded area’s (FEM).


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