Bokalift 1Crane vessels

Image of Bokalift 1

Conversion to crane vessel

Bokalift 1Crane vessels

Conversion to crane vessel

For Boskalis, Vuyk performed the design for the conversion of a semi-submersible heavy lift vessel into the self-propelled crane vessel Bokalift 1. This includes the integration of a 3000-ton revolving crane and increasing the accommodation capacity.

In 2017 Boskalis converted one of its semi-submersible heavy lift vessels into a DP-2 Crane vessel, including a 3000 tib crace. That is not where it stops. With the design of Vuyk, the vessel can accommodate 150 persons and there is an addition of a helideck. 


Launched in
216.00 m
43.00 m
13.00 m
8 m
Operating draft
DP rating
Main crane capacity
3,000 t
Cargo deck
6,300 m2

In the 1st quarter of 2018, the Bokalift 1 of Boskalis goes into service. This vessel is converted from a semi-submersible heavy transport vessel into a self-propelled crane vessel. The Bokalift 1 will be used for among others installing monopiles and jackets for windfarms, decommissioning for the oil and gas industry, and heavy lifting and transport for various projects


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