SWATH SOV Groenewind

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World’s first DP2, twin-hulled small waterplane SOV

SWATH SOV Groenewind

World’s first DP2, twin-hulled small waterplane SOV

Groenewind is world's first DP2, twin-hulled SOV. Vuyk Engineering developed the concept and basic design in collaboration with DEME.

This Service Operation Vessel (SOV) significantly improves safety, comfort and workability for wind farm technicians. Even in rough sea conditions. Groenewind was launched at the CEMRE shipyard in Turkey. The Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) vessel will be deployed for wind farm maintenance activities in the North Sea. The vessel will operate from Belgium and serve the Seamade offshore wind farm.


Launched in
Dynamic Positioning Class

DP2 Technology

The SWATH design ensures low wave impact on movements when approaching wind turbines, compared to a traditional monohull SOV. Groenewind will enable safe crew transfers in significant wave heights. The DP2 technology means that the vessel can hold its position in rough seas, with sufficient redundancy in an extreme case of technical failure of a vessel system. Due to the nature of the hull design, the limited resistance ensures low fuel consumption in rough sea environments. Compared to a traditional SOV, up to 50% fuel consumption reduction can be achieved. This further reduces the costs of maintaining wind farms.

Motion compensated gangway

The SOV is equipped with a motion compensated gangway to safely transfer technicians to the wind turbines. Groenewind is also designed according to the latest comfort standards, allowing the vessel to be a homely offshore base for up to 24 technicians and a nautical crew. The naval architects of Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam worked in close collaboration with DEME and research institute MARIN on the vessel design. 

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