Yunlin SeafasteningSeafastening and grillages

Image of Yunlin Seafastening

Engineering transport solutions for Jumbo Maritime

Yunlin SeafasteningSeafastening and grillages

Engineering transport solutions for Jumbo Maritime

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam was contracted by Jumbo Maritime, a renowned heavy-lift transporting company located in Schiedam the Netherlands, to support the design and engineering of flexible grillages for transition pieces (TP’s), monopiles (MP’s) saddles and monopiles sections. 

Designed to support the overall design and engineering for Yunlin. The 40 full monopiles and 120 MP segments were transported, by various Jumbo Heavy lifting vessels, including different deck carriers. For each type of vessel, specifically designed saddles were used. The MP’s were transported from Germany to Taiwan with the maximum design weight of the MP up to 1500 tonnes. 

The TP grillages used for Formosa 1 Phase 2 Offshore Wind Farm were re-used to transport part of the TPs. In total 80 TP’s with a diameter of about 8.5 x 26 m high and a weight of about 455 tonnes, each was shipped. This is a significant amount of steel and Vuyk was glad to help. Jumbo is using the monopoles to the full capacity. 


Launched in
8.5 x 26 m
455 tonnes


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